Harvey Cedars PD

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The Harvey Cedars Police Department is an equal opportunity employer.

Being a police officer in The Harvey Cedars Police Department is a highly coveted and rewarding job which offers a competitive salary, medical benefits, and a pension plan.

Like many things in life, becoming a Harvey Cedars Police Officer starts with a great deal of preparation and effort on the part of the prospective employee. Employment in the law enforcement profession is highly competitive. Successful applicants are often those who have put the most effort into their education and physical conditioning. The Harvey Cedars Police Department maintains preliminary applications for a period of two years. When positions become available, those preliminary applicants will be contacted to continue further in the application process if still interested.

The hiring process includes a short written exercise, a full background check, and oral interview.

The following areas highlight areas which are critical to successfully completing the application process.


Officers in Harvey Cedars need to know a staggering amount of laws, court rulings, department policies, and operating procedures. Because of this, the study skills, problem solving abilities, and knowledge acquired by college educated applicants is highly recognized. The Harvey Cedars Police applicants are required to have either an Associates Degree from an accredited college or university, or two years of prior military or law enforcement experience. (This requirement is for full time positions only NOT SLEO I or SLEO II)
Applicants must meet the following requirements to be considered for a position in the Harvey Cedars Police Department:
  1. Citizen of the United States
  2. Read, write, and speak the English language well and intelligently and have a high school diploma or equivalent
  3. Good moral character and sound body and good health;
  4. Must be eighteen (18) years old
  5. Not convicted of any offense involving dishonesty or which would make the person unfit to perform the duties of the office.
  6. Must possess at least 2 years of college, 2 years of military, or 2 years of police experience (This requirement is for full time positions only NOT SLEO I or SLEO II)
  7. Must be a resident of New Jersey during time of employment and possess a NJ Driver's License        
Physical Fitness:

Police work is a physically demanding job which requires a physically fit officer. In addition, only an applicant in good physical condition will be able to complete the demanding physical training program at the Ocean County Police Academy.


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